The Unravelling Share New Single, “Master Drone”


The Unravelling offers a stunning blend of industrial and hard rock influences, while still having a great deal of accessibility to out-of-genre listeners. The group, who drew praises for their debut of 13 Arcane Hymns, had their career put to a halt when lead vocalist Steve Moore, was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

Fast-forward to the present day where Moore has luckily recovered and has sprung back into action with the group. Consisting of Moore and bandmate/instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville, The Unravelling is better than ever. Recently they have debuted their comeback single, “Revolt,” which is a heavy hitting track laced with intricate instrumentation. The band has now released “Master Drone,” complete with brilliant new artwork from Shaun Friesen at Freeze Design (

Their new single, “Master Drone,” sheds new light onto the band. Moore says of the track:  “the Master Drone is certain of his reality, and therefore living through an artifact. He is opinionated, and likely a respectable, ambitious member of society. He could be a motivational speaker, an atheist, a religious leader, a ‘life coach’ or a serial entrepreneur. He thrives within identity and strives for new identities as he grows old. He’s in all of us. He represents our human programming.”

Gustavo says of the piece “Master Drone turned out quite dark, heavy and to the point – I think it’s gonna be a doozy to perform live.”

“Master Drone” is available for free download via Bandcamp, here:

The Unravelling via Facebook:

Check out more of Shaun Friesen’s work, here:

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