Rebel House Radio Flashback with Video for “Can’t Say No”


Rebel House Radio has recently released their new video for “Can’t Say No.” With a bit of 80s nostalgia flare, and an L.A. vibe that can kill, the new group take on quite a task of love and heartbreak in their new video. The high energy of the song matches the tone of the video with a bit of theatrical vibe in the mix. “Can’t Say No,” is a total breath of fresh air in the rock scene, and proves to break away from the pack. Bandmates Mike Mangan an Mike Blumberg create a new and noteworthy sound that shines throughout “Can’t Say No.” The track is off their current album, their debut, One More Day, which has been gaining quite a bit of attention. The video is quite an impressive piece of work.

Watch “Can’t Say No” Here: 

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