Paul Maged Releases “Diamonds & Demons”


New York staple Paul Maged, has just released his new record, Diamonds & Demons. An album filled with social awareness, Maged touches upon the topics of climate change, human warfare, religion and today’s evolving society. The first single from the record is “Look at Me,” that gravitates towards a rebellious sound with punk tendencies.

Maged’s vocals are clear so he can get his point across without distraction. The songs on Diamonds & Demons recall the sounds of Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen, while providing his own originality to boot. His cutting vocals breathe energy into the lead single, which is found throughout the rest of the album.

Other standout pieces include “Cause & Effect,” which send a little Eddie Vedder nostalgia down your spine, and “I’m Okay,” which delves in a dose of funk, subtly, into the record. Diamonds & Demons is 17-tracks of riff heavy and politically charged pieces, that brings issues to life, in a way that captures your attention and makes you want to change the world.

Listen to Paul Maged’s “Look at Me,”:


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