Vajra is Taking Over with their High Octane Rock n’ Roll


Vajra is a name I am very familiar with in the New York area. Also making their rounds on Sirius XM, playing SXSW, countless NYC venues and more, the band is taking off in a whole new light. Formed by Annamaria Pinna while she was in India, a bit of self discovery brought to life Vajra. Pinna is an accomplished composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. The group have just released their latest single “Blind (Blood Mix)” at the end of this Summer, and the track is just as strong, a couple of months down the line. The haunting and dark undertones are hypnotically laced, as it recalls Eastern Indian themes. Pinna’s voice is captivating and strong; an unstoppable force crawling out of the musical bed. While heavy hitting and dark the band proves to be very accessible, especially with the addition of Pinna’s smoky and seductive vocals.

Vajra is Annamaria Pinna (Vocals, Composer, Keyboards), Kevin Jones (Bass), James Rosenberg (Guitar); and John Keener (Drums, Percussion).

Listen “Blood Blind”


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