The Voices of Terror Get Heavy


Meet The Voices of Terror are an Alternative Rock and Hip-Hop music group that hail from Deptford, NJ. The band recently caught my attention with their latest release, Rock-Rap Dynasty. The record is the band’s debut, and an exhilarating one at that. The Voices of Terror consist of members Mike Walker and Zero. The two are jacks of all trades as they create, write and produce their own music. The group has a bit of throwback 90’s flare if you enjoy acts such as Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and new groups such as Death Grips.

One track that immediately stood out to me from the group is the single,”Warning.” Heavy hiting and straight to the point as stand to deliver. The track opens with stunning strings, that launch the record and track in a superb way. Their eclectic sound will most likely appeal to most with an ear for the heavy side. Standout tracks such as “Insane Lyricist,” “Warrior,” and”Problems,”  caught my ear immediately and drew me into the record even further. Closing out the record is the stunning “Voiceless,” which dives even further into the group’s musical abilities.

Head over to Soundcloud and catch “Warning,”:  https://soundcloudcom/thevoicesofterror/warning

or Get the whole album via Bandcamp:

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