Adventure Galley Shares the Vibrant Video for “Weekend Lovers”

Taking a page out of the electro-indie-pop book of groups like The Killers, Adventure Galley boldly goes above and beyond to grab your attention. Their catchy hooks and pop sensibility blend to create the perfect combination of indie rock bliss. Adventure Galley are one of those brilliant bands that successfully manage to meld more than a few genres into one song, splicing together elements from all the bands you know and love, whilst creating something totally new at the same time. Formerly signed to Myspace Records after winning a Nationwide competition, Adventure Galley is back stronger, and catchier than ever. Their live show is truly a mind blowing experience and an all around audience dance party, with anything and everything as fair game.

The video for “Weekend Lovers,” is not only beautifully done with a blast of vibrant colors and intriguing characters, but it invokes human nature. Our favorite part? The lyrics and scene at the 2:10 mark.

Adventure Galley is playing at Central SPAC on October 1st in Santa Monica. It is highly suggested that you head out and see this amazing band!


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