A New How-To from Make Out

Make Out is a new exciting pop collaboration consisting of former Junior Senior member Jesper Mortensen and step daughter of New York Dolls’ David Johansen: Leah Hennessey along with Portland, Oregon native/music veteran Olivia Alminiana on drums and Anders Christiansen on bass.

Make Out is a refreshing diversion from today and recent years’ music trends. Instead of experimental soundscapes or conceptual lyrics it’s just fast, sexy punk and pop rants. The new video for their first single “I Don’t Want Anybody That Wants Me” is nothing but four young, hot, colorfully clad guys and gals rocking out behind vibrant floral images, harkening an early 90’s MTV aesthetic.

Make Out just played the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on March 16th and 17th with The New York Dolls, sure to be a raunchy, high energy rock show. Their debut EP, How To, was just released February 22.

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