STRFKR to Release Sophomore Album in March

Who knew death could be so danceable? This is the realization gained after learning that badass synth explosion of pop you’ve been dancing to contains a major theme on Starfucker’s second album: death. It seems the joke is on the consumer of Reptilians, to be released on Polyvinyl in March.

“Bury Us Alive” is the single available for download off the new album. It’s light and effervescent musically with a delightful synth line and silky vocals a la The Dandy Warhols who coincidentally share producer Jacob Portrait with Reptilians’. “Death to set me free” is the line that leads into the exhilarating, hyperactive chorus on “Bury Us Alive,” lending itself to a “live life like the next day is your last” spirit.

It’s a good thing after playing with other band names that they stuck with Starfucker, as it’s immensely fun to say and encompasses that glam party chasing lifestyle inherit in their sound.


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