Asobi Seksu is Laying Down The “Trails” to Greatness

The count is album number four for artist Asobi Seksu.  Fluorescence is available is available to all of North America just one day after the U.K. release on the 14th.  It will be on a variety of formats such as CD, LP, Digital Formats, and for those super-fans a limited edition pink vinyl. So you heard it here there are only 1500 of those puppies get it first.  They are promoting their album with the single “Trails” which is now open for MP3 Download.  This wonderful track will be accompanied by a video at the start of the New Year, can’t wait to see it.

It seems that sometimes the best defense is a good offense.  That is the approach that was taken going into this album. Do the opposite of what you intend and get the best result.  James Hanna puts it this way “This time, our agenda was not to have one at all; to be mellow about the entire process instead of obsessing over everything.”  Personally I don’t think Mellow is the right word.  Maybe strategic chaos.  I know that’s an oxymoron but I have heard the single of the upcoming album myself and it combines illusionary synthesizing with a strong grunge-pop core to set your mind of balance. And just when you think you have a grip on the sound…. BAM! They through in these glorious vocals like a celebration of the comsuming anarchy falling around you…  It’s pretty intense but please don’t take my word for it go download it yourself, who doesn’t like a free experience?


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