Delicate Steve Fail at Attempting to Take a Detour From Near Perfection

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, even though it doesn’t give any hint as to what the post is about.  Delicate Steve just seem to invite this sort of diction – whether it be their unwaveringly funny PR email with quotes including, “We are as delicate as the wings of butterfly with AIDS. Anything could crush us. And until we all decide that art is the only thing that makes life livable, we’ll just be another instrumental five-piece from New Jersey.” and “I’ll fight anyone, for any reason. I’ll fight a dog for no reason. I’ve seen the inside of juvenile hall. I’ve tasted blood in my mouth. I’ve stepped on throats and I’ve thrown bottles at strangers. But that was all in the past. It’s still part of me, but – now – I use that intensity for good. I want to attack people with music the same way I used to attack them with my fists.” or the reminder they give us that life is more palatable when (metaphorically) take a la mode.  Whatever that may mean to you, Delicate Steve fittingly leave almost everything up to interpretation.  Being an instrumental band, in a way, you choose your own adventure.  Take the video for single, “Wondervisions” featuring Dirty Projectors’ Nat Baldwin as an example.

Delicate Steve take you back to the days when basketball players wore shoes made vintage upon conception that offered no support whatsoever.  And with that alone, a non-point has been made: if anything, Delicate Steve wanted to disassociate themselves from an effortlessly applicable “beach vibe” that gets slapped onto this kind of music (see Ducktails) and pit their music against an irrelevant backdrop.  The result is you wonder why you’re watching two men play one-on-one while you dig on a fun little jam.  And thanks to the power of editing, nobody misses a shot, and you don’t have to either because it’s streaming below.  Look for Wondervisions out February 1st on Luaka Bop.


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