Cage The Elephant Dish Out First Single from New LP

Thank You, Happy Birthday, the sophomore album from Kentucky’s finest rock band is coming out next year, but being that it’s November, that’s pretty soon.  The record will drop January 11th, and if you were looking for a streamable preview, Cage The Elephant have just doled out the album’s first single, “2024.”  The track winds up initially, like a cosmic needle dropping as the gears engage and the turntable picks up speed.  Just as the song begins to morph into some sort of ill-advised, lost Audioslave track, the band thankfully brings out a pop riff and tones things down just the right amount.  All that’s left is three minutes of raucous jamming where it’s slightly difficult to differentiate chorus from verse.. wait, no. They bring the Audioslave riff back for a little bit at the tail end of the bridge to switch things up.  Try not to let that throw you, because overall, “2024” is indication that Thank You, Happy Birthday is going to hit heavily and provide some questionable curveballs that may or may not serve to make things interesting in a music scene where rock is cashing in it’s last social security checks.

Listen in below:

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