Wildlife Release Full Length Version of Their EP, “Strike Hard, Young Diamond”

Canada is a big and confusing place, unless of course, you’re from there. But even then, it’s still a lot to grasp, eh? Seems like the vastness and all the maple sugar highs can often cause people to freak out like a Moose Gone Wild. Or at least, they write songs about the confounded feelings from living in such a large, cold and too-cussing-polite-about-it-all place. Toronto’s Wildlife clearly is no exception, as demonstrated on their latest release, Strike Hard, Young Diamond.

Channeling fellow Canadians Tokyo Police Club and wilderness influenced uber-rockers, Wolf Parade; Wildlife delivers a melodic, heady, transfixing offering with Strike Hard, Young Diamond. Extended from their EP of the same name, Wildlife thought it fitting to finish the project by adding gutsier tracks to round out the effort.

Emoting youth gone angstier, Strike Hard, Young Diamond plays almost too candid at times, offering desperation right from the opening tracks, “Stand in the Water” and “Sea Dreamer” all the way through to “American Eyes” and “Out,” but it works in their favor, like a sordid reality show, it’s hard to turn away. “Drunken Heart” is sure to be a classic. It waxes and wanes with a precision so hypnotic that you’ll mourn it’s ending with maudlin pause. Even “Move to the City,” which sounds familiar and somewhat unimportant at first, unravels into anthem status.

Though there are at least more than twelve moments eerily indistinguishable from Wolf Parade (or any of their myriad worthy side/side/side projects), there’s solace in the sounds on Strike Hard Young Diamond. Imagine that you’re standing in the middle of Canada’s magnificent Boreal Forest. Certainly no one would feel nearly as comforted if there was only one frail tree standing alone. Wildlife embraces the Canadian sound with hubris, laying deep roots alongside fellow greats, hopefully for decades to come.

Vive le forests.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself. Three songs for FREE:

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