Get “Love like a Sunset Part III” mp3 For Showing Phoenix Your Love

The hippest and coolest French band is taking over New York City’s Madison Square Garden on October 20th, proving to us that immense success can happen to good people too. As the show time approaches, Phoenix are now inviting EVERYONE (who has a Twitter account) to spread the message as well.

By registering HERE, you can re-tweet about the show, which will also mark the MSG debut of Dirty Projectors, and in return, you will get a free download of  “Love Like A Sunset Part III” as the band unveiled, in the advent of this concert, that “Love Like A Sunset” is actually a trilogy, from their fourth LP Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

You can listen to this exclusive dance track below:

(via Some Kind of Awesome)

So do your bit for Phoenix and they will reward you accordingly!

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