The Cat’s Pajamas: We Are Trees

We’re starting a new segment here on Modern Mystery called “The Cat’s Pajamas.” Let’s give you a little overview of what that entails:

The Cat’s Pajamas

Urban Dictionary states it means “Super hip. Amazingly sweet. Fantastically cool.”

We also know it means….well it’s also the name of a Spinto Band song off Moonwink and that’s how the name really came about. It fits!

Anyway, every Sunday we are bringing are introducing to you our new favorite band of the week. It’s a good way to discover the little groups out there that you may overlook at first glance but in a few months from now when they get huge, you’ll wonder where they have been all of your life.

Let’s meet our first set of The Cat’s Pajamas; We Are Trees.
To be quite honest with you, we know NOTHING about this guy/band, though we discovered a haunting song by them yesterday morning called “Dear Chan Marshall.” Hailing from Virginia Beach, singer/songwriter James Nee really has a knack for songwriting. Just releasing their first EP titled Boyfriend, which you can download for free at their Bandcamp. We suggest that you do because it is SUPER awesome. The band is still unsigned but we have a feeling that is all about to change. They fit in nicely with the new wave of bands coming in. Dreamy and brilliant, this is a must listen.

We Are Trees – Dear Chan Marshall by rocksteddie2

3 thoughts on “The Cat’s Pajamas: We Are Trees

  1. this sounds eerily like grizzly bear’s “deep blue sea”…

  2. So you have to be cool and hip to be considered the cats pajamas. Well if you listen to We Are Trees you will fall into this category.

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