Interview: Warming Up with Miike Snow

You’ve been hearing the name everywhere. They’re probably your new favorite group. Everyone wants a piece of Miike Snow. No, it isn’t a one man band, it’s a three piece electro outfit originally hailing from Sweden. Over the weekend we had the chance to catch up with singer Andrew Wyatt about their overnight success and their SXSW shows. Take a peak below!

Modern Mystery: Your album exploded onto the scene pretty quickly. Did you ever expect this much attention and praise?

Andrew Wyatt: Not really, not at all. We thought it was something that was fun to make and also some sort of cliche amongst our peers. We never thought it would be music for the people.

MM: What do you like better, remixing or being remixed and why?

Wyatt: Remixing, just because it’s a little more proactive. We just try to pick something we like, and that has process of emotions.

MM: You are set to play SXSW next week. Is this your first time playing the festival and are you excited?

Wyatt: Yea we are very excited! It’s a great festival with a long running tradition. It’s our first time playing.

MM: How does the group come up with songs?

Wyatt: We’re all in the same room. Someone may have ideas in their head. We all create the songs in the same room in the prescence of each other. We take turns after it’s done.

MM: How long did it take you to create the debut album?

Wyatt: Probably 4 or 5 weeks, not inclduing mixing. With mixing it took 6 weeks.

MM: Are you constantly working on new material?

Wyatt: When we are on tour its difficult. I don’t think were going to make the new album on a laptop. The instruments we use are not on the tour bus. It’s difficult to make a new album with us touring so much.

MM: How do you create what you did in the studio and bring it onto the live stage successfully?

Wyatt: Theres just different ways. Sometimes you can’t do something on stage you did on an album. You have to find a viable replacement for that.

MM: What’s your favorite part about playing a show?

Wyatt: I think crowd surfing. So far we don’t have a favorite place to play. We’ve had great audiences all over place. We’re really excited for Coachella though.

MM: What does the next Miike Snow record have in store? Or are you guys just focused on touring right now?

Wyatt: We’ve been thinking about what we want to do , and we have a title an an album cover and were going to work backwards from there.

MM: Your videos are pretty amazing and artistic. Do you guys have a hand in the concept?

Wyatt: Not really the directors have responsibilities and time constraints. It hinders us from ideas. The next record we’re going to have more input on the videos, and we will be more involved next time.

MM: Where do you see Miike Snow five years from now?

Wyatt: We’ll have our own private islands and send out smoke signals to communicate. We’ll throw out our blackberrys!

MM: You’re playing three sold out shows in New York. Are you excited about those?

Wyatt: Of course, and in October we’ll playing Terminal 5. I hope we’ll sell those out too of course its nice to see those big full shows. Like shows in your hometown, there’s nothing like it.

Miike Snow- “Animal”- Mark Ronson Remix by modernmysteryblog

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