New MGMT Song,”Flash Delirium.” Gone is the Electric Feel…

I’m not sure what to make of the new MGMT song. Titled “Flash Delirium,” it sounds nothing like their prior work. This of course can be seen as a good and bad thing. The good being that the group has evolved into another animal. The bad being, well, it comes off a bit as an Of Montreal copy. Yes we know that the boys are tight with Barnes and Co., but what we didn’t expect is this. Where is the dance beats we’ve grown to love? Why are there flutes in the song? (That’s right, flutes). I guess we’ll have to hear the whole album to come to a final decision but right now MGMT  has us a bit baffled. Will they be able to come out of their sophomore slump with a victory? Wait and see.

Download “Flash Delirium,” and check out the band’s second record, Congratulations (Columbia) due out April 8th.

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