Annuals at Bowery Ballroom *1.28.2009


Annuals are just getting started with their fierce U.S. tour and they already play the new tracks from their newest release ‘Such Fun’ like old pros. I’ve seen Annuals before (hell I’ve even recorded them once at a show in Brooklyn) but the Annuals Bowery show was just incredible to say the least. Did I mention they have a light show thing going on now? Usually I don’t like those sort of things but Annuals had me truly intrigued. 


As a drummer I was pysched to hear a sweet little drum intro as a bit of an opener. Its always great to hear. For a band with only two full lengths under their belt, they gave the New York crowd their money’s worth. Annuals played for about an hour and a half of new material as well as some older stuff from ‘Be He Me’  even with some EP stuff mixed in. The band plays with such intensity on stage that they manage to even blow their own recorded work out of the water. Killer, right? 


My personal favorites of the night is when the band played ‘Hardwood Floor’ and ‘Carry Around’ which I will always consider the two songs that standout to me the most out of all of their recorded work. Chances are Annuals are coming to your town soon so it should be in your best interest to check them out. Bands like these are far and few between. Catch them while you can.


Check out Annuals on Myspace

*Note: Sorry my pics are not the greatest kids. I was just having too much fun*

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