Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys Releases Solo Debut

The Black Keys are already one of the best indie bands out there, so when we heard that Dan Auerbach the band’s singer and guitarist was releasing a solo record, we didn’t know what to expect. I’m not too sure if its too early to start making our Top 10 Albums of 2009, but this would rank Top 3. Auerbach is releasing ‘Keep it Hid’on Nonesuch Records on February 10th.

Yes, his solo stuff differs from The Black Keys, but any Keys fan will certainly enjoy this record. Auerbach stated in a press release that ‘I just wanted to do the things I loved,’  and in this case it includes blending a little bit of bluegrass, a twang of country ballad, Memphis R&B, blues and psychedelic rock.  Sure this may appear that this could be a total mess in theory. On record though it proves to be astonishing. Auerbach pulls it off beautifully and every track on the album just flows perfectly into each other. Though a couple of tracks like ‘The Prowl’ still show hints of The Black Keys, Auerbach has really made his solo debut his own.

Check out Dan Auerbach and the new Tunes at his Myspace

Tourdates are also listed including two stops in New York!

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