Wallpaper “Evrytm We Do It (RAC Maury Remix)”

You probably didn’t know this about us, but sometimes we like to dance (A lot!) Following the trend of indie dance music like Girl Talk, Ratatat and M83, Oakland’s own Wallpaper is our newest obsession at Modern Mystery.

Following their ‘T Rex’ Ep they released earlier last year, Wallpaper put out the record again in late December, but this time as a Remix album titled ‘T Rex RMXd’. We can’t stop listening to either version quite frankily, and the video for ‘Evrytm We Do It (RA Maury Remix)’ has certainly grabbed our attention. Dancing street worker=Hillarious. Eric Frederic in rainbow art=Awesome. Check out the video for this song. It will leave you wanting more.

Check out Wallpaper on Myspace

Watch the video for  ‘Evrytm We Do It (RA Maury Remix)’


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