A Modern Mystery Holiday Party with Matt Pond

Welcome back to another installment of a Modern Mystery Holiday Party. We are nearing towards the end of our celebration, and we are glad to have with us Matt Pond, from the brilliant band, Matt Pond PA.  This year the band treated their fans to a free Ep titled ‘The Freeep’ which you can download at their site, www.mattpondpa.com. You would be a fool not to snag a copy.

I’m not sure what Matt Pond PA’s final plans are for 2009, but I hope it involves a tour and a new full length. I think we have a good chance of seeing this happen. Matt was nice enough to share with us his Top Albums of the year and other words. Let’s raise our glass for more Matt Pond PA in the coming year!

Matt Pond’s Top 10 Albums of the Year

Darker My Love 2
Lykke Li Youth Novels
Portishead Third
She Keeps Bees Nests
The Walkmen You and Me
Higgins Z’s
Spiritualized Songs in A&E
Black Mountain In the Future
The Kills Midnight Boom
Frightened Rabbit The Midnight Organ Fight

The Best Thing that Happened to Me this Year

Going to Spain was the best thing that happened to me. I now have an unquenchable hankering to reconstruct that feeling in New York City.

The Strangest Thing that Happened to Me This Year’

Listening to the critters scratching at the roof of a cabin in Bearsville, NY this summer. It went on for weeks. So it was more of a prolonged strange thing than a specific happening. But I never got used to it. And no matter how much I can withstand in the wild, the seconds became hours while I imagined a million different creatures trying to get in and steal my guitars.

My Favorite Holiday Memory

Holidays and me do not always get along. I accept them as long as they can accept me.

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