The Spinto Band ‘Later On’

I believe a good band can play any song they’ve written on regular instruments, but a great band can play their songs in the most unconventional ways. This is where The Spinto Band comes in. ‘Moonwink’is a stellar album that leaves you wanting more, and if you search for The Spinto Band’s page on Youtube you get just that.

The band offers several of their new songs for viewing in the most creative ways ranging from them playing in towers to farms.  My personal favorite is the video for ‘Later On’ in which the band plays off of kitchen items, watermelons, bottles, etc. How they were able to create this i’m not even sure, but they pull it off flawlessly. You can’t help but say ‘Wow’ when you see it.

The Spinto Band is on a pretty lenghty tour so be sure to head over to their Myspace and check out the dates.


One thought on “The Spinto Band ‘Later On’

  1. I LOVE this band!! I’m so excited to see them today in Austin, Texas at the Fun Fun Fun Fest, but I wish they were playing longer than 30 minutes. I keep trying to figure out whether or not they are doing an after-party show or anything like that. . .no luck yet. “Moonwink” is a great album, but “Nice and Nicely Done” is still my favorite.

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