Ryan Adams ‘Cobwebs’

This morning I was complaining (to myself) about the fact that I haven’t come across any leaked Ryan Adams’ songs for the upcoming record ‘Cardinalogy’ that is due out in two weeks. This will actually be his last record for the label Lost Highway and no one really knows what he has in store after that.

I’m not sure what to make of the new album that I previewed almost all of this afternoon. It seems to me, it some parts, it is like ‘Rock N Roll’ meets ‘Easy Tiger’ and everything in between. I’m already prepared for the Adams bashing that usually takes place whenever he releases a record, but to me, everything he touches is gold.

‘Cobwebs’ is so far my favorite, and can just be described as a beautiful song. I think that Ryan Adams is one of the most poetic songwriters of our generation. His voice the past couple of records has been incredibly smooth. He has really been in full form.

Download Cobwebs
Check out Ryan Adams tourdates at his Myspace

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