The Little Ones “Morning Tide”

I never though the day would come when California’s own The Little Ones would finally put out their debut album.  The record titled “Morning Tide”  (due out October 7th) has been in anticipation for quite awhile, since its been nearly two years since their first EP “Sing Song Sing” was put out in 2006.

For those of you who don’t recall The Little Ones, they are one of the finest indie pop bands around. Mixing a little bit of 60’s retro into their sound, the band writes flawless pop songs. The Little Ones have already kicked off their European tour, and will be doing later dates this fall opening for The Walkmen. After that they are expected to do their own headlining tour, which I’m very happy about. They are playing New York as headliners on October 16th at the Mercury Lounge.

The Little Ones on Myspace

Watch the new video for the single “Ordinary Song”


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