Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin * Mercury Lounge, NYC * April 9, 2009

Ah there is nothing like springtime when your favorite indie pop band rolls into town. The Mercury Lounge in New York City last week was packed for the highly anticipated Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin show, and we expected no different. Blending recent songs from their second release Pershing and their first Broom, the band did not miss a beat. I’m not sure I’ve personally ever seen a band so flawless, so ‘dead on’ with every little note. Even when Phil Dickey’s cowbell started moving around and giving him trouble, he may have laughed, but it didn’t bother him one bit. When John Robert Cardwell broke a guitar string mid song, he just kept going and smiled. Kids, that is what real rock and roll is about. Enjoying every second of it.  Even though the SSLYBY boys haven’t been around for an extreme length of time, they play better than any band their senior I’ve seen.

John Robert’s voice is just as perfect onstage as on the records and the same goes for when Phil takes the mic. The blending sounds of Phil, Will Knauer and Jonathan James are nothing less than brilliant. The band is really meant for each other because they manage to compliment the other players so well. Thats a rare find.

Some of the night’s highlights were Anne Elephtant, Glue Girls, Think I Wanna Die, We Can Win Missouri! and of course, Modern Mystery (hmm why would we like that song?! It was really sweet of the band to play it for us!) They also played a few new songs for the upcoming record, one in particular called ‘All Hail Dracula’. You can’t even imagine how good this song is.

If you haven’t seen Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin live yet you are doing yourself a horrible deed. In other words, jump on the bandwagon! Do yourself  another favor and pick up their records. They will change yr life…or at least impress the hell out of you.

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Watch Video of  ‘Modern Mystery’ at the Mercury Lounge

Video from wingedfeetxc on Youtube. hehe note our little point from Phil at the end of the song 🙂