Eli Lev’s Latest Single Makes Us Dance in Our Chairs

Indie pop-folk singer/songwriter Eli Lev returns with his latest project born from the pandemic called Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing. The EP is set for release in April, though his string of releases from this project have already hit fans by storm. His catchy beat and infectious melodies married with his deep passion and love for his craft is what makes his work so inspiring.

He has released 3 singles previous to his most recent indie pop song “Vacation,” which was released in February. Each song was written about a specific emotion we all had during the pandemic. The first release, which inspired Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing, “Be Your Someone” is a nice Bon Ivor meets Ben Harper style sound about learning to coexist with your partner. This led to the next single, released a year later, called “Dancin’ on the Lawn,” a song with an Ed Sheeran vibe to it, is about the hope Eli has for the future of live music; he’s hopeful that we will all be together together again. Finally, “Move As You Do” is the slowest and most intentional. It takes on the ideas of the future and how fast you “should” be going to achieve life’s biggest moments. He takes is slow and says that he will get there when he gets there.

“Vacation” takes on a Jason Mraz vibe with a catchy beat and memorable lyrics. He sings about taking the little things in life during the lockdown and making them fun. He explains that it’s all about the mindset. “Escape! Travel! Movement! These three things were essentially non-existent and forbidden for two years during the pandemic so I wrote Vacation as a way to remind myself that everyday I could put myself in the same mental state if I was thankful for my partner and everything we had in life,” shares Eli. “We could be each other’s escape and peaceful feeling. I wrote this song turning all the mundane tasks of everyday living during the pandemic into something exotic and special and interesting – kind of like an extremely long vacation!”

Listen to Vacation here:

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