Generationals – “Trust” EP

Generationals is a spunky little trio out of New Orleans that this past summer went out to Austin, Texas to lay down the four tracks I’ve come to own as the Trust EP. Generationals has been Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner, joined now by drummer and back up vocalist Tess Brunet. Recorded this past August, the EP starts out with “Carrying the Torch”, a poppy bass riff that spins off into an almost indie take on the classic new wave hit “Melt With You.” A tightly loose danceable affair with some light strings in the back round to really make all the tracks blend seamlessly.

“Say For Certain” grooves along organically from the start, pulsing and clicking. A sparse yet melodically decorated tune with some lyrics that definitely got into my head. The syncopation is viral and feels over too soon. “Trust” is another thumping groover with a surfer bend. The song is a mellow poppy jingle that chugs with a beachy sunny sound. I can see the song taking over radiowaves soon, and it is the EP’s title track with good reason, it’s highly infectious. “Victim of Trap” is an excellent closer for many reasons. One being it is a hypnotic, textured, and challenging track that is very welcome after three almost upfront post-pop tunes. The band really builds on each track and it makes me very excited for anything they’re planning on putting down in the studio soon.

The Trust EP is available on the iTunes store now for only $1.99.