The Radio Dept. Perform Their Citizen Duties With New Single, “The New Improved Hypocrisy”

The Radio Dept.The Radio Dept. don’t use their songs for specific political protests often but when they do, they make sure they don’t go unnoticed. After 2008’s “Freddie And The Trojan Horse,” about the Swedish Right-wing givernment, they are back this week with with “The New Improved Yypocrisy,” released only a few days before the next general election to the Swedish parliament, to be held on September 19th.

With lyrics such as “We don’t mind democracy/We have our ways around it/This new improved hypocrisy/Will help us to impound it,” you can be sure they have a very strong stance about things in their country are shaping out. Listen to it HERE.

  <span><a href=””>The Radio Dept. – The New Improved Hypocrisy</a> by <a href=”″>Sedera_Ranaivoarinosy</a></span&gt;

And for less politically charged material from The Radio Dept, be sure to look out for their upcoming EP, Never Follow Suit, set for release in November.

Like or Like Like: Acid House Kings

The Acid House Kings have been pumping out music for quite some time now, yet few to little praise has been given to them as they remain in the backdrop of indie-rock.

Returning back to the earlier days of retro twee pop, The Acid House Kings turned out cheery tunes that mirrored a pseudo-brady bunch era in the early 90’s. Having formed in 1991, the Kings are recognized as one of the founders of swede pop and could have very well opened up gateways for later swede artists such as Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, The Hives, Jose Gonzalez and many more.

Yet more than a decade later, The Acid House Kings remain in the shadows. Perhaps, the Kings are yet to be accepted by hipsters worldwide because their music surpasses a superficial idea of what indie-rock should be: edgy, hip, and a stray from the normative mainstream sugar pop, above other things.

The Kings’ sound falls in line with that of Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian. Yet, don’t let their squeaky-clean image deter you because the indie-rock factor that we all treasure is very much alive in their music.

Sadly, the group has not released any new music since 2005 but the band anticipates a new album release in 2009. To my despair, the time is running out and my anxiety is climbing for new music from the Acid House Kings but I’m still crossing my fingers.

On a happier note, if a band couldn’t be any cooler, the Kings produced their “This Heart Is A Stone” music video in Karaoke form so you can bust out in song right along with the crew. Take a look below.

Here’s the proof, this is definitely a group that you need to have in your music library.

Check out the Acid House Kings HERE

 Recommended tracks:

“Do What You Wanna Do”
“This Heart Is A Stone”
“Sunday Morning”

Watch the Acid House Kings ‘This Heart is a Stone’