Spinto Band “Summer Grof”

Words cannot fully describe my love for the Spinto Band. I first came across the Spinto Band when someone was throwing out a copy of their vinyl single for ‘Oh Mandy’ a couple years back. The cover drew me in immediatly, the name was pretty familar, so I offered to take it off of their hands. Still to this day i’m not sure why you would throw out a Spinto Band record.  The band just released ‘Moonwink’ yesterday, and in my opinion the record lives up to their prior releases. Infectious harmonies, brilliant melodies and dreamy lyrics fill the album and lets you remember why you love the band in the first place. They’re simple but amazing.

The Spinto Band is doing an extensive tour from Europe to the US. Check them out on their Myspace

Download one of my new favorite tracks Summer Grof
You can also stream ‘Moonwink’ in full at www.spintoband.com