A Modern Mystery Holiday Party with Kevin Hilliard of Small Sins

Yes, we still have some more indie greats joining us at our little Modern Mystery Holiday party! Today sharing with us is Kevin Hilliard of the Small Sins!

Small Sins is one of our favorites over here, and we were lucky enough to see and meet Kevin during his New York tour stop with the great Sloan earlier this year. Kevin of course, had been doing his MRCH dj set as ‘Skip Lowe’ for the Sloan shows, which is by far amazing. He even played the Flashing Lights during his set!

Kevin was kind enough to share with us his Top Songs of the Year and other words of wisdom.  We hope there is more Skip Lowe in ’09. Actually, we demand it!

My Top Songs of the Year

1. Dave Marsh – Backstreets (True Love Rules): The best album that you haven’t heard. Why are you still reading this and not buying it? Best lyric of the year: ‘Just another reason/get the fuck outta high school’. Davemarsh.ca

2. Weezer – Troublemaker: Best pop-rock number of the year. Almost negated by ‘Heart Songs’ the worst song Weezer have ever released and almost the worst song of all time.

3. Sloan – Not A Kid Anymore: If only because of the AMAZING clapping and ‘refrigerator thumping’ courtesy of yours truly.

4. Rivers Cuomo – Longtime Sunshine. Written many years ago (so not really from this year) but still a cool tune.

5. AC/DC – Rock ‘N’ Roll Train: I would swim through a river of flames to listen to JUST the amazing drum tracks of Phil Rudd. A true God amongst men. The worst title of all time.

6. Flight Of The Conchords – The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room: Saw the girl (‘Sally’) who played her on the TV show at The Troubadour in LA. H.O.T.T.

** Author’s note: This year only deserves a ‘Top 6’ because of the travesty that is ‘All Summer Long’ by Kid Rock. Holy Shit – this flaming turd hardly counts as a fuckin’ song! It’s like they put a monkey in a cage, threw in a MacBook with ProTools and the monkey shat out this ‘song’. Ring-tone rock! Strictly for ball-capped jocks/retards. You’d think it would take a lot to offend the late great Warren Zevon. Hasn’t he suffered enough? Rollin’ in his grave, the poor bastard.

Heaven help us – fuck you, music industry.

 Best thing to happen this year 
 The birth of Skip Lowe. Google it, people.

 Strangest thing to happen this year 
The death of Skip Lowe:  See it Here

Best Holiday Memory
The year I got the James Brown Box set. I knew Santa was funky, but that funky? He truly did have a brand new bag.