Mostar Diving Club ‘Honey Tree’

Once again I’m obsessed with another Honda Insight commercial. I’m not sure who picks out the music for them, but damn do they keep finding the most addicting tunes. Thanks to one of my favorite sites, TunesonTv it makes it so easy for me to find out that song that has been stuck in my head all day. First it was the Great Lake Swimmers ‘See You on the Moon’ and now they are back with the UK’s  Mostar Diving Club’s ‘Honey Tree’. The band is the first solo project of singer/songwriter from Obi, Damian Katkhuda. Talk about some of the catchiest songs ever, definatly listen to this one.

 Check out Mostar Diving Club on MYSPACE

Download   ‘Honeytree’


Great Lake Swimmers, ‘See You on the Moon!’

Thanks to, it makes it so easy to find out what song is playing in a commercial….something that used to take ages to find. Last night I saw a car commercial (for Honda Insight) for the catchiest song I’ve heard in a while. To my surprise when I looked it up, it was actually a band I knew! I thought it sounded familar, but hey I was tired. The Great Lake Swimmers had landed the gig with ‘See You on the Moon!’ and I was really surprised to find this out. Another Canadian secret but hopefully not for long. This is definatly a song worth checking out.

The Great Lake Swimmers are currently on an international tour. Check out the dates on their MYSPACE