Jesse Harris Shares Live EP from Porto Alegre

Jesse Harris recently wrapped up a South American tour, which is quite the endeavor given that fans in that sector of the globe rarely see anyone come through other than U2 or Guns n’ Roses.  Harris seemed to really enjoy a set he did in Porto Alegre, Brazil, because he’s releasing it as a live EP.  That show, back on November 18, was an intimate acoustic offering from Harris and percussionist Bill Dobrow.  It’s hard to believe the crowd could have been very large; from the sound of it, the audience was very quiet and benevolent.  Most of the time, its easy to forget this is a live recording until applause segues between tracks.  Below is a chance for you to preview three of the EP’s tracks (after sacrificing your email address), which are soothing parables told in Harris’ breathy, soft register behind sparse guitar work.  No wonder the crowd was so silent.

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If you’d like to have these gems on your iTunes then head over to Jesse’s Facebook and leave a comment with #livemusicisbettermusic and you will be sent a download link.