Perfume Genius and Light Asylum Played Bushwick’s Envelope

Perfecting the catalyzing power of music, Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) transformed his personal challenges with addiction, abuse and suicidal thoughts into some of the most critically acclaimed music of the year.
The debut single from Learning, “Mr. Peterson” is a dark and moving tale of a high school teacher, touching on deep and visceral emotions.

Bringing his haunting sounds to the new Bushwick studio, record label and performance space, Envelope, Perfume Genius was joined in Brooklyn by Light Asylum.

Singer Shannon Funchess has a powerful range from low and operatic to post-punk meshes with Bruno Coviello’s 80’s synth forest of sound for a rich and lush journey to the sweet and scary.

“Lookout, Lookout” Here Comes Perfume Genius

On December 9th Perfume Genius released its new video for the single “Lookout, Lookout.”  The video was directed by Patrick Sher also directed the video for MOBY’s “Wait for Me.”  If you haven’t seen this video by now I would suggest making it a top priority on your to-do list.  It’s a very simple and realistic video but it definitely puts of the vibe of the complex emotions poured into the track.  You really can get a grasp of the song through the video.  I’m a firm believer in not allowing a Video to impact the actual music to any measure of extent but this one just spoke to all my insecurities, and I found myself responding to it more with the imagery, than without it.