Walter Schreifels Releases Video for “Arthur Lee’s Lullaby”

Singer/songwriter Walter Schreifels is no stranger to fame or life as a musician. His name most likely sounds very familar to you. Just reading his biography brings me back to a handful of bands that I loved from mid 90’s radio. Yes kids, that’s when we had to wait all day for our favorite songs to come on the station and we’d tape them (if we only had iTunes!).

Schreifels is best known for his work as singer of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today. From then he moved on to sing in Quicksand and Rival Schools. After that he joined punk band CIV. Phew.

Now he is on to a new chapter in his life by releasing his first solo album An Open Letter To The Scene (Academy Fight Song) that comes out today. He is no longer, as American Analog Set would put it, “punk as fuck,” and has taken on a more Paul Westerberg meets Jon Brion meets Nada Surf kind of sound. This is truely a record to give a listen to.

Just releasing his first video from the album of the song “Arthur Lee’s Lullaby,” it’s obvious that he has broken away from a majority of his punk roots, but the outcome is perhaps his finest work. If you don’t mind me saying. He takes singer/songwriter to a new level and beyond.

Watch the video for “Arthur Lee’s Lullaby”