Secondhand Sunday: Wavves “No Hope Kids”

The new Wavves album King of the Beach (Fat Possum) comes out this week, but most of us have already listened to this masterpiece already, right? Right. We’re doing a Secondhand Sunday of Wavves proportions this time around with an oldie but goodie, “No Hope Kids.” Ah, this was the period when we all fell in love with the band, and before the epic breakdown(s). This time around we expect things to go smoother. Hopefully.

New Wavves Video “No Hope Kids”

Fresh from the infamous ‘meltdown’, Wavves is back with a new video in tow. ‘No Hope Kids’  is a rather charming video actually.  No frills, just music. Some may say that Wavves is a bit overrated, but you have to dig deep to fully enjoy this band if it’s not your type of sound.

Directed by Pete Ohs (Fiery Furnaces, Arcade Fire, The Unicorns) the video is filled with clips of their European tour and their life on the road. A little bit of fresh air from camp Wavves.