The Strokes ARE BACK!

I was possibly in denial about the fact that The Strokes were making a new record. I don’t even want to think about how long ago it was that the band took the stage together. After Mr. Casablancas finishes up some tour dates for his recent solo record Phrazes for the Young everything goes back into full force for sure. The band is already in the studio recording LP four that will be out later this year. Can I just say it’s about damn time? I swear if Nick Valensi decides to start a solo project in the next month my head might explode. He is the only member without one, isn’t he?

The Strokes are also headlining Lollapalooza in August and will be playing the Isle of Wright festival in June. Talk about a grand comeback. Hopefully the rest of North America will start to see Strokes shows surfacing in the next few months. A new record is certainly a good way to start things off.

Take a listen to a demo of “Someday” down below. Let the good times roll….
The Strokes- Someday (Demo) by modernmysteryblog