Jenny O. Releasing Debut EP


LA based artist Jenny O. is digitally releasing her first EP on November 30th via Manimal Vinyl, home to fellow lady artists Bat For Lashes and Warpaint.  Jenny also produced and engineered the album herself.  The physical release of the album will be announced within the coming months. 

Jenny O. was raised in New York and discovered her passion for music at a very young age.  Playing instruments such as the piano and cello, Jenny began making her own recordings on her dad’s reel-to-reel by the time she was 13.  Her musical influences range from the hippie like sounds of folk to jazz infused hip hop with a little 60s and 70s pop to add a twist.  Her voice is soft and flowing but her lyrics are frank and the two mesh perfectly to create a perfect balance.    

Although Jenny has performed in countless bands, Home is her first solo album.  Check out the first single off the album, “Well, Ok Honey” and other tracks by Jenny O. here.

Home Tracklisting:
1. Well, OK Honey
2. All My Wishes
3. Won’t Let You Leave
4. I Do I Do
5. Home