John Greska’s “Mamma Maybe” is an Intricate Story Inspired through History

John Greska has been intrigued by music since the second grade when he, like so many others, started playing piano. Since then, music has been a constant, from playing in the school bands to experimenting with Musecore. The young artist has never stopped chasing his dream of being a singer/songwriter and his latest single, “Mamma Maybe,” proves he’s got what it takes.

“Mamma Maybe” is an alternative folk and folktronica song that goes through a story of a fictional mother and son. He was inspired by the recent events in world history, at least since World War two. He became interested in Japanese history when he started learning the language and he realized that he doesn’t know anything about their history outside of the American point of view during the war. He thought about the people that grew up during that time and thought about what they would think about the world as it is today.

He takes the theme of change and allows us to grasp it. He recognizes and acknowledges that change is the key to becoming better humans, so that we don’t repeat history. As time goes on, ideas evolve with it and that can sometimes be hard for people to accept.

“The writing process was surprisingly difficult,” shares John. “Taking out the fact that I was trying to write about something extremely intricate and not really song-like, the actual music was super tricky. There were certain parts that had to sound happy and certain parts that had to sound ominous and the ending was rewritten three times. The ending of the song was the hardest part to find, because how do you end a story like this?”

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