Like or Like Like: Leftover Cuties

Strolls in the park are so much sweeter with the dulcet melodies of The Leftover Cuties. The duet exudes a sound that transcends our time and travels back to the better days on Pearl Harbor. 

Derived from a world of plump floral dresses and tweed cab hats, the style of the Cuties is that of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Their music seems to have been produced in a jazz club with a hint of blues on the side. Their songs feature singer Shirli McAllen’s somber voice which smoothly compliments the up-beat melodies of bassist Austin Nicholson’s ukulele and the rest of the band.

Their tale began as a jam session among friends McAllen and Nicholson. To their delight, the result tickled their fancy and it soon led to the birth of their first song “Game Called Life.”

After the Cuties perfected their craft, they played their first show in late 2008 to a full house. Their debut EP “Game Called Life” soon followed.

I was notified by the group that they are currently working on their forthcoming full-length album which will be released in late 2009. I was also told that they are in the process of doing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” which we hope to have up promptly for your listening pleasure. I enjoy when a group can dabble across genres since I feel that some of the best music can, at times, come from such experimentation.

More exciting news, the Cuties just released their first music video yesterday and is available for viewing below along with their “Lost in the Sea” mp3.

The leftover cuties are in the process of booking new shows but if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, catch them live in Venice on August 7th as a part of the “First Fridays On Abbot Kinney.”

 Track listing for “Game Called Life” Ep:

  1. Game Called Life
  2. Lost In The Sea
  3. Through It All
  4. Happy Song
  5. Do It All Over

 Check out the group’s site at for news and additional music.

Download Leftover Cuties ‘Lost in the Sea’ HERE

Watch the Leftover Cuties video for ‘Game Called Life’