EndAnd Offer Up A Bit of Punk


EndAnd, the Brooklyn group currently making a stir, have just released their latest record, Fun Times with Shitty People. dips into the Punk realm and then some. Their latest 6-song EP proves to be a showstopper right from the start with the riotous “Art #1.” The tracks are laced with the heavy punk sensibility that seems to be prominently missing from Brooklyn at times these days. Swirling guitars show off in tracks such as “Choked on Beer,” and “Much and More About Everything,” lead up to even more amazing pieces as the record progresses. Picking up the rowdyness even more is “I Don’t Party” (a personal favorite), “I Used to Eat Shit But Now I Pick It Up, and “Fuck You Congresswoman Bullshit and Your Shit Staff” which closes out the record nicely.

For those who dig the heavier side, be sure to give EndAnd a listen.

Listen to the full EP here: https://soundcloud.com/endand/sets/fun-times-with-shitty-people-ep/s-Oqzmw

Watch their video for  “Choked On Beer” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Bby7hRT6U