Vampire Weekend On Ellen This Tuesday


Vampire Weekend, the indie rock entrepreneurs, are taking another stride on their victory lap post-Contra.  The album, their second out on XL Recordings, hit #1 on the Bilboard Charts it’s opening weekend and Vampire Weekend began taking over late night television.  Hitting up Colbert and pretty much every network talk show known to man, even one that no longer exists (Conan still lives), Vampire Weekend don’t have a lot of places left to go.  Thankfully, they have been invited to play on Ellen on September 28, and have chosen to play their new single, “Holiday.”  A secret song, of sorts, will also be played and not aired, but you can watch it over HERE.  And no, Lil’ P-Nut is not expected to guest, but you never know.

Check out the video for “Holiday” below: