ELK Announces New Album

Elk (press photo)

Justin Stein (aka ELK) had a trying time recording his upcoming album Let’s Get Married. After his computer crashed halfway through production, Justin had to decide whether to pay rent or buy a new computer. He chose a computer and ditched Brooklyn to move back to his parents’ house in Michigan.

His album is literally a bedroom production, and features electronic pop mixed with shoegaze and Philip Glass samples. The album will be out February 15th on Shape Up Records (released via cassette and digital download). The song “Volleyball” is the first single from the album, and you can hear it right here.

ELK also recently created a mix that he calls the “Snow Mixtape” to commemorate the giant blizzard that recently swept through New York. Featuring samples from MGMT and Thin Lizzy (among others), you can hear it right here. ELK will be playing in New York soon, with a date at Cake Shop on February 11th (with Keepaway, Pistola and Lost Coves).