John Trescott Luis Shares His New Country Rock Song “MisUnderstandings”

John Trescott Luis really stepped into music through the side door! 

While setting aside a career in music, he went to work in Hollywood as a sound engineer for ABC where he worked on hundreds of sit-coms, soap operas, dramatic productions, NEWS shoots and Award shows.  He never stopped dreaming of the music that could be and perhaps may be once he was done with his “real job”.  He’s now focused on his long-desired music venture and doing so very successfully with 18k monthly listeners on Spotify.

His most recent single, “MisUnderstandings” is a Country Rock song that sounds like a mix of Tom Petty and Waylon Jennings. His voice has a Jackson Browne style with a sultry and soulful presentation.

During his first trip to Nashville to record songs with the new band, he was understandably nervous and privately hoped these world class players wouldn’t “laugh at this California guy’s songs”. They jumped in with “Stuck”, (the first song that he was to sing) and the band just nailed it. Everyone thought it was a hit, so they jammed ahead with the rest of the sessions feeling like a breeze. The nervousness was unfounded!

Back at his hotel room that night, he pulled out his guitar and started “messing with a few chords” and immediately came up with the opening for what would soon be “MisUnderstandings”.  “I’ve learned that I come up with my most original ideas when I just start playing without thinking, then grab a hold of the first ideas,” shares John.  After working on it, he builds the story of a guy and a girl up in a hotel room arguing about “nothing and everything” but realizing they are just MisUnderstandings.  “I could have searched all day, and not found, where you’re at”.  She’s Miss Understanding and he’s Mr. Understood.

Listening to his wide variety of music you can tell this is someone who has been experimenting with styles for some time and must love them all to create songs with this much depth like the Prog Rock Ballad “Fever Dreams” or the Blues Torch song “I Fell For Those Eyes” or perhaps the simplest yet most moving ballad “DayDream” which is very McCartney-esque…

It seems he is tackling Country/Americana now and after seeing the success of “Stuck”, we are sure “MisUnderstandings” will take him even higher.

John did mention that the next single is even more of a departure and even more of a musical risk…  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next…

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“Daddy’s Pride” is the Telling Story of Randie O’Neil’s Childhood

Randie O’Neil, the Americana and Country-Folk singer/songwriter is all about raw truth and honesty, both in her personal life and in her music. Her music comes from a personal place as she puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using sincere and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with beyond catchy melodies. She conveys understanding in her songs that you won’t find in any other artist, providing courage for us all to face our problems, no matter how big or small.

Randie doesn’t have the best relationship with her stepfather or her mother, both alcoholics, who sold all of her guitars. As she sat on the curb, she vowed to herself that they couldn’t take her voice, that she will find a way to sing. It took Randie some time to find her voice, but throughout the years, she came to understand herself better. In the 80’s, she had a band called AMA (Against Medical Advice), she left music for a while to peruse her PhD in Psychology and currently specializes in adolescents with anxiety.

She just released her newest country rock single, “Daddy’s Pride,” from her upcoming album Full Moon Rising. The song showcases her Bonnie Rait style vocals and her Joni Mitchell meets James Taylor songwriting. Inspired by a personal event in her life, she sings about her own growth as a human and how she had to do that by herself. She takes inspiration for the lyrics from her own experience and as a phychologist.

“‘Daddy’s Pride’ I wrote completely in 2o minutes, they only song my producer didn’t change a note,” shares Randie. “It’s my parents selling my guitars. The biggest failure is for a parent not to teach a child to be proud and support them. I had the strength to stand up and find it on my own. I know many don’t and stay lost and insecure.”

Listen here:

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