NYC’s Anne Steele Releases “What’s Mine”


Anne Steele is best described as a “multi-award winning NYC pop queen.” Right off the bat I was intrigued. Her new record What’s Mine is 6 songs of high energy dance music, with a dose of LGBT influence. Her music is quirky, vibrant, and fun, and calls upon influences such as Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, and Jesse J. Capturing imaginations and dance floors Steele makes sure her music delivers a message. Her music is not only uplifting, but it touches upon subjects of supporting gay rights. It entices and educates at the same time, creating the ultimate double threat.

The title track “What’s Mine” is the perfect start to the record. Laced with strong vocals, vibrant piano and quirky handclaps, we’re off to a good start right from the beginning. Standout tracks on the EP include the heartbreaking “Without You Tonight,” which offers synth-bliss, and the sub-dued yet powerful, “Shadow of You.” Throughout, the songs kept building my interesting, making it a wonderful collection of songs.

Getting her start as a Cabaret singer, which definitely shines through with her performance in this record, Steele has gained a number of prestigious awards and accolades. What’s Mine is a touching and heartfelt EP, which not only uplifts, but provokes thoughts on serious issues. Her talent for writing these phenomenal songs, proves that she isn’t just another pop singer; she is so much more. What’s Mine is out now via  Bandcamp. Check out the link below!

Stream her new record What’s Mine:

1. What’s Mine
2. Worst I Ever Had
3. Tough
4. Without You Tonight
5. Shadow Of You
6. Don’t Tell Us How To Love