Sufjan Stevens Releases New EP

Out of left field, Sufjan Stevens has just released a new 8 song-60 minute EP titled All Delighted People (Asthmatic Kitty) via Bandcamp. For only a sweet $5 you can download the whole thing for free, which includes two 11 minute songs. Good God Sufjan!!!

The album shows a little maturity in Stevens, as the beauty in his songs are brought out even more into the spotlight. Especially his voice. Asthamtic Kitty says they plan to release it as a physical CD and double vinyl sometime in December. Just in time for the holidays.

If you don’t want to shell out the 5 bucks, you can stream it for free on Bandcamp. Our suggestion to you though is to find 5 bucks, because you will want to own this piece of amazing work.

01 All Delighted People (Original Version)
02 Enchanting Ghost
03 Heirloom
04 From the Mouth of Gabriel
05 The Owl and the Tanager
06 All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)
07 Arnika
08 Djohariah

Sufjan Stevens – “From The Mouth Of Gabriel” by ModernMysteryBlog