LTtheMonk Debuts “2 & A Half”

Hamilton-via-London, UK artist LTtheMonk fuses dance music with hip hop and pop to create his own unique sound. 

His new track, “2 & A Half,” reflects on the end of a long term relationship, finding LT admitting that a lot of his ‘growth’ in love hasn’t been realized. It’s a song of accountability for immature behaviour with a soulful inflection that imbues feelings of nostalgia for this past love.

Harlem-based producer, J-Track, collaborated with LT on “2 & A Half,” which blends hip hop verses and R&B production with a groove inspired by the late 80s and early 90s era of new jack swing.

“Though you might look in the mirror after a period of being single and say ‘Okay, I’ve grown, I’m a completely emotionally healthy person now!’ that is not necessarily true. True self-growth is a lifelong process,” explains LT.


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