Julian Loida Unveils the “Giverny” LP

is a percussionist, composer, and producer. Loida’s musical curiosity and open-mindedness has propelled him towards a wide-range of sounds, genres, and artistic endeavours. His thirst to participate in and experience this range of sounds is partly a product of Loida’s synesthesia. Music is a full-body experience for him, with sounds often invoking involuntary sensations of colour, texture, or even taste.

His album, Giverny, is a new age, indie classical collection of songs. During songwriting, he had the realisation that memories often come to us before we even remember, and similarly that’s how songwriting/composing feels – that they have been laying dormant until they feel it’s time to appear. With this album, Loida was influenced by French philosophy, arts, and music, from his time visiting, creating, and meeting people there.  

Picture listening to the focus track, “December Dreams” – Loida’s version of the movie score to the blissful cinematic moment of the ice dance in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands

“On a snowy December night in Boston many years ago now, I found myself in a basement apartment in Somerville, heartbroken…” says Loida. “I needed peace, comfort, and to remember joy which is what this song brings me.”


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