Punk Rock Duo Grimelda Tear Through the Darkness and Emerge Into the Light on ‘It’s So Feeling When You Rock’ EP

Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata’s latest project, Grimelda, has spent the last 10 years dragging itself across the country, blasting chaotically joyful punk rock into the precious ears of any soul within arms reach. Their unhinged rock songs take art-punk to weird levels of amazing awesomeness and the brand new EP, It’s So Feeling When You Rock, is a collection of tracks that embellishes rock ‘n roll tropes as much as it tears them apart with its bare hands.

Dirty li’l Dirtbike” grew from the stereotype of a “cool dude” in the form of a motocross bro and having a non-judgemental perspective on that. It can be really easy to judge things/people you don’t know much about and it’s something that everyone is guilty of whether it’s directed towards artists, hipsters, rednecks, athletes or whoever. As Bob Dylan once stated, “we all like motorcycles to some degree.”


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