Todd Mosby’s “Moonrise Samba” is a Mesmerizing Latin Jazz Fusion Masterpiece

Todd Mosby’s “Moonrise Samba” is a contemporary Latin jazz fusion single that showcases his strong lead melody writing and intriguing Steely Dan-esque chord sequences. With imaginative arrangement skills, he includes a samba-flavored bridge, beautiful vocal pads, dynamic soloing, and memorable melodies that will leave you wanting more.

Completed in a 1960’s vintage Air Stream under a starlit New Mexico night, this tune’s unique architecture is derived from Latin Soul, samba, and Sergio Mendes influences. Todd’s ability to master western composition, jazz improvisation, and Indian raga music forms sets him apart from other musicians in America.

Todd’s compositions feature strong melodies, sometimes sung by female vocalists recalling the aesthetic of Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes, virtuosic but lyrical instrumental prowess, deep-pocket grooves informed by a variety of jazz, world, and rock-based traditions, and a deep sense of spiritual intent. His impressive musical resume includes six albums and one single, and he has earned recognition from several notable musicians, including Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, ZZAJ’s Dick Metcalf, India’s Music Ambassador Ustadt Imrat Khan, 17-time Grammy nominee and jazz guitar legend Mike Stern, and Berklee College of Music President, 7-time Grammy Award winner, and jazz legend Gary Burton.

Todd’s dedication to his craft and attention to detail in the creation of “Moonrise Samba” is evident, and it is a true testament to his musical abilities. If you are a fan of contemporary Latin jazz fusion, “Moonrise Samba” is a must-listen track. It is an impressive piece of music that will leave you wanting more from this talented musician.

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