Country Artist Brayden King Releases Ironic New Single “Livin’ The Dream”

Towering at 6’9”, Brayden King is larger than life and makes music that is the perfect mix of rock n roll and country. Hailing from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, King has spent most of his time relentlessly touring across the Canadian Prairies since bursting onto the scene as a solo artist in 2021. 

His new single, “Livin’ The Dream,” was inspired by a hangover. After waking up one morning, after a series of weekends going out to clubs, King realized he was having no fun. Every night was a repeat of the last – the same kinds of people, being rejected by girls, drinking too much, losing things, and spending way too much money. The song’s title is ironic as it’s the only positive thing about the number.


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