Yvonne Josephine Shares Stunning New Single

Yvonne Josephine is a full time wisdom seeker and artist who is enlightened by shadows.
Through her lyrics, vocal style and sound design she carries an emotional wisdom that
resonates deeply through the subconscious and creates presence in the given moment for the
listener. Her story telling is from a deeply awake viewpoint and flows to bring the melodic
moments to life for a truly mesmerizing listening experience.
A perfect combination of real and imagined.

“Through the Keyhole” has a clever mix of fantasy and reality, written with awareness of our
current understanding of quantum theory and using a nostalgic, almost childlike, visual
reference. Yvonne Josephine challenges the idea that we exist solely in a physical space and
leads us on a journey of sensational thought and belief.
With a chill electronic musical undertone, the vocal and forward risers elevate us towards those
moments where time and space become one with the human mind, a deeply fresh and
stimulating experience for the listener.

Those who enjoy chill electronic, deep and eye opening lyrics, minimalistic yet varied sound
design and simple yet clean vocal styles will love this creation by Yvonne Josephine.


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